Enabling World Class Customer Experience.

Beloved, positive, there for its customers - Mtel Republika Srpska is a daughter company of Telekom Srbija, providing its market with both mobile telephony, and cable services. In late 2016, we were to transform and enhance its digital presence. Today, the digital identity of mtel.ba features a new, simplified product offer. Simple and innovative. As it should be.

WM Telco Project Methodology Featuring Teamplay.

Thanks to its extensive experience in similar endeavours, Wireless Media has defined its own Telco Project Methodology.* It consists of five main phases, with each of these having its own subphases:

  1. Research and Business Analysis
  2. Conceptualization, Planning and Prioritization
  3. Development
  4. Launch
  5. Managed Services

We at WM regard clients as truly a part of the team - someone to work with, integral to the successful process and implementation of our methodologies. We continued this good practice with Mtel, too, forming an interdisciplinary, dedicated team of experts that would be in charge of product conceptualization, digital identity, creative solutions, UX/UI design and implementation & integrations, as well as a steering committee as the highest decision making unit.

The team held regular workshops once to three times per week via either Skype, or in vivo, in Belgrade or Banja Luka, and Mtel was regularly notified on the progress.

  • Year:
  • 2018
  • Type:
  • Telco Operator
  • Services:
  • eCommerce
  • Strategy
  • Development
  • Product
  • Development
  • UX/UI
  • Visual Design
  • Data & Insight
  • Product & Project
  • Managment

The Brand New Digital Appearance.

Brought to you by the WM creative team and our UX/UI designers, it rests on two pillars -

Origami Core Templates

Moving from how things used to be done towards new and modern - to full width, visually strong promo blocks that create the entirety of the new Mtel.ba - the Origami core templates* that are systematically developed and dedicated to building rich visual site pages with high level of flexibility. Now each promo page consists of the promo blocks that bring information or sales messages to users.

New Visual System

  1. The right combination for the brand and its audience, featuring -
  2. Red colour gradient on photographs
  3. Photo treatment based on warm colors
  4. Block colours that follow and emphasise the Mtel styleguide (of red and white)
  5. New promotions identity based on bubbles and 3D effects

Product Offer and Naming - Now Simplified.

The team agreed to simplify the product offer, as well as to decrease and structure the number of packages and tariffs so that they answer the intuitive way a customer thinks and moves. Also, all the additional fees for services installation were to be summed up into one single fee, and presented simply on the website and in the checkout process.

The main change, however, came with the new and improved naming process.

Mtel had subbrands for certain groups of services, and searched for the way to simplify their presentation and to make it all much more user-friendly. WM proposed a creative and strategically sound solution - naming was to be based on the words that Mtel customers actually use when they talk about telco and cable services.

Online Customer Support for Fast Problem Solving.

The structure of Customer Support section and its information presentation have been improved significantly. Today, Mtel Customer Support team regularly updates this section with sought for (on social networks, call centres...) and new information.

We introduced the process of submitting service faults via online forms, which would then be directed to the Mtel Customer Technical Support team. We thus decreased the number of calls to the Call Center, and provided the online support for Mtel Customers.

Welcome to the Better Support for B2B Sales, Too.

A separate website section dedicated to Mtel business users is both informative and supports online ordering of services and devices. It is based on the three types of pages for enabling the best customer journey, just as the B2C section is.

Thanks to a Few Good Factors.

  1. A dedicated interdisciplinary team consisting of both WM and Mtel representatives
  2. A strategic partnership instead of a vendor-client relationship
  3. Openness to change and simplification that is required when one is present on digital channels.

As one team, together, we thus overhauled Mtel.ba, and prepared it for the next age.